Wednesday, December 22, 2010


back, after what feels like forever, is my old photoblog whatthehellhappenedlastnight (.com)

not too exciting @ the moment, but I hope to liven it up a bit in the days ahead

as was the spirit of the last attempt and its prolonged existence and then URL lapsing...I will rant on about this, you get a chance to say "right on" or simply "fuck you"
there will be photography
there will be bits about life in Pittsburgh and where to go/do/eat/see/taste/drink/photograph/bitch about/touch/etc etc etc

plan on doing photo essays here as well
"Pittsburgh:  neighborhoods"  soon to start

so, it's off to Friendship and old school Christmas lights out along the large Victorian houses

there are a string of stars, lighted along Friendship Avenue, I have yet to spy them but might have to walk up that way

feel free to comment suggestions for places, faces, spaces in Pittsburgh for me to see and shoot
I sent out 85 invites only, if you landed here we've crossed paths sometime in the past, most of you are photographers or love and appreciate the art of photography, perhaps you are just a friend, a former co-worker or possibly we've never formally met, but it's good to see you here and hopefully participating in the future

and we're off!



  1. Right on, Dude! Lookin' forward to your images and words.

    Thank you for the invite!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  2. Count me as one in the category of never formally met, just met through the wonder of this internet thing. Looking forward to the journey.

  3. I have missed this, Craig! WTHHLN was one of the first blogs I followed in the beginning of blogdom! Thank you for the invitation and I'm looking forward to your writing and photography once again. (Your writing is one of the funniest, most real things I've ever read.)

  4. and I made a few changes, per Mark's suggestion

  5. Thanks, I've now subscribed! :)

  6. Thank you for the invite Craig. Glad to be here. I've stopped bloggin' in the free world but will follow.

  7. right on Ann Maria
    great to see you here, I/eye totally dig/appreciate your work behind the lens and your words that accompany them

  8. perhaps I will invite any of the original 85 invites to post from time to time...is that cool?

  9. this is gonna be a fun ride. thanks for including me on this!

  10. oh, and if you wanted, go ahead and buy up wthhln.com now in case you want to have a simpler url

  11. Oooh wthhln! Definitely one of the first blogs I noticed, in fact I think craig was the first person to ever comment on my blog!