Monday, February 21, 2011

West End Bridge (come on pgh, do a bit more)

would like to see the City of Pittsburgh do a bit more to clean up, spruce up let's say, the city's bass fishing spots

not to say the city's waterfront is is horrid shape, it's not, there are a number of good organizations/people doing great things to maintain the integrity and overall condition of the waterfront, even those who donate financially 

but the number of folks who have boats in Allegheny County might enjoy something new & improved...fishing draws quite a few people who spend their tax dollars, look at the previous Bassmasters, we need to host another in my opinion for the national tv exposure alone

The population of Allegheny County in 2009 was 1,218,494.  The number of registered pleasure boats in Allegheny County in 2009 was 24,243, according to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.  This works out to 1 boat per 50.3 people in Allegheny County. 

so it seems that it would be worthwhile, perhaps even financially beneficial for the city to get behind a pro-fishing initiative and enhance assets we all enjoy already...just saying, it's spring coming up and fishing will be good, hopefully  

perhaps the Allegheny Riverfront final report holds a few answers for the future of the waterfront and the expansion of availability for fishermen/women in Pittsburgh & Allegheny County- off to read the report and the good things in store for Pittsburgh

development of this area is crucial and I believe there's vision to unfold here, possibly a new development for commercial/technology businesses in the city!

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