Sunday, March 20, 2011

empty development - Baum & Liberty

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The now empty Don Allen dealership in the East End of Pittsburgh, Baum & Liberty Avenues where Bloomfield meets up w/ Shadyside.

I remember the plans, the public hearings, the disdain about parking, side roads, variances for building heights, underground parking, previously planned underground parking that failed to exist, and traffic...back in April of 2008 the City Paper was chattering about what was to come and then, all stop.
Now it sits empty, I hear plans of this and that now but nothing that was as promising as this prior development of the neighborhood I live in.  Perhaps the much larger scope was untold or just to big for the residents of Friendship to swallow, they were tucked in between all that was going to take place...in the long run let's hope the planners and the City of PGH get it right.  It's too important of a corridor to neglect nor deny something ambitious.