Wednesday, April 20, 2011


giant plump scallops trail dusted w/ cumin, chili powder, coffee
black bean cake, oh yes, def. good/worth getting...rustic pico de gallo slaw, chipotle burre blanc
the burre blanc knocked it outta the park tastebudwise

sesame tuna mid rare/sear, miso leaf marinade, ponzu marinated sushi rice cake, fried spinach, miso caramel drizzzzzzzzzle

off the new menu @ Woodside's Grille, at an informal tasting late Sunday night
fairly large tempura shrimp w/ spicy oyster garlic chili sauce

these could easily become addictive


  1. damn - I do love me some scallops ...

  2. yep, Don, they were milky, sweet, perfectly cooked/seared and w/ all the flavors on this simple dish the entire meal was damn good
    perfect w/ a French white Burgundy