Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas window

When I was a kid it was Horne's for Christmas.  My grandmother worked in the offices @ Horne's department store and it was a good day when we headed dahntahn to shop for Christmas.  It's corny, I know, I was a kid and the Christmas windows in the stores downtown just rocked.  All of the stores would be decked out, the Horne's Christmas tree climbed up the side of its facade and we'd always head to Kaufman's department store for lunch at the tick-tock restaurant.

Now it's Macy's and their windows for Christmas in Pittsburgh.  Although when I was there the other day most folks just strutted on past, fast-paced walking and blank stares passing by...I could not figure out why families would make their way past the decorated windows and not stop and have their kids check them out.

Where are all the people w/ great memories of Pittsburgh over Christmas, I know some head to town to see the sights and soak up the spirit, but to simply treat the windows on Smithfield Street as fodder and not worthy of a few minutes well, that's bah-hum-bug.

But I know we all have varying levels of ho ho freakin' ho in us, so I don't require that you stop and slap on some cliche' holiday spirit for the sake of nostalgia sake, but at least glance...ok?

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  1. Ho Friggin' Ho :-)

    Cool blog --- and have fun at the big game you dawg!!!